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Navigating Stock Market Cycles

In the world of the 24-hour news cycle, today’s investors are more inundated with information than ever before. While one might think an increasing number of data points would make for better investment strategies, CMG Capital Management Group, Inc. CEO, Stephen Blumenthal holds a different perspective. Today’s stock market is noisy, leaving investors—and many industry professionals—scrambling to discern what information is actionable and what should be ignored.

More often than not, the result of this ongoing confusion is making money moves that are in lockstep with the herd, and choices that are rooted in damaging emotions like fear and greed. Having witnessed this problem first hand early on in his career, Stephen Blumenthal has been going against industry convention for 35 years, so he finally decided to write a book on his process-oriented investment management philosophy that removes emotion from the equation and cuts through the noise to focus on the real forces moving markets.

With On My Radar, Stephen Blumenthal gives investors the game plan and advice they need to develop a sustainable portfolio that is at once risk-minded and opportunistic, yet resilient. Its critical insights come at a time when they are urgently needed. In Stephen’s view, and that of his dear friend and business partner John Mauldin, our economy is about to enter what Mauldin calls “The Great Reset” which will entail a massive restructuring of global debt and underfunded pension liabilities. The road ahead will be a difficult one and investors who allow emotion to dictate their decisions will pay a steep price.

“I’ll tell you about methods for cutting through the distracting and meaningless noise in order to focus on the issues that really matter and determine what to do next. To give you a better grounding in investment management, we’ll lift the hood to see the basic principles that run the economic engine, including debt cycles and recessions. Then we’ll take a deep breath and discuss the sobering truth about loss and why minimizing losses—conserving those resources when the oxygen gets low—is far more important than beating the market in any given year,” Stephen said.

On My Radar is essential reading for any investor, whether you’re just getting started or entering pre-retirement and want to make sure your nest egg is secure. Stephen Blumenthal’s generous wisdom will guide you and your money through the volatile times ahead with a trusted process and rational understanding of what really matters.

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